Authorities confirm that there were no deaths in Querétaro vs. Atlas but there is still confusion in Mexico

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On Sunday there was still plenty of confusion concerning the injury count of the dread day on weekday during which many fans were battle-scarred once multiple fights within the La Corregidora bowl throughout the Querétaro vs. Atlas in Liga Mx.

The authorities formally reported that there have been twenty six battle-scarred and no deaths once the incidents during which the Atlas and Querétaro clubs clashed throughout the last half of the duel Gallos Blancos against Rojinegros. However, there’s still plenty of confusion once folks have embark UN agency cannot realize their acquaintances and one UN agency declared to a media outlet that his friend had died.

“They killed my friend… already (they confirmed). My friend is already confirmed (he died) ”, commented a girl throughout Associate in Nursing interview concerning the alleged death of Arturo Buenrostro. The governor of Querétaro denied through a video on social networks within the last hours that there was any deceased.

“We aren’t reaching to hide something. i do know that the photographs of the bowl area unit distressful which the names of individuals UN agency area unit speculated to have died are released; however these days we tend to ensure that fortuitously they’re ALIVE and receiving medical aid, “said Mauricio Kuri. He reported that there area unit 3 serious folks and work is being done to revive them. “Really, I actually have no reason to lie or hide something.

” He additionally sent a message to the aggressors: “they won’t go uncorrected. i am reaching to realize you, as a result of you do not need to get on the streets.

” Meanwhile, a #SiHayMuertos movement began to realize strength on social networks, during which folks commented on violent infectious agent videos that occurred on weekday and doubted that these folks had not died. In several videos you’ll be able to see those who were crushed once they were unconscious. For his half, the president of the Liga Mx, Mikel Arriola, reported at twelve noon that there would be no a lot of visiting cheers within the matches of the Mexican league, that suspended its day on Sunday. “The visiting clubs from these days can now not be able to move to the stadiums,” aforesaid the leader once questioned concerning the measures which will be taken to unravel the problem of violence in Mexican association football, “he said.

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