Your 24H Locksmith in Ashdod

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We have locksmiths in  Ashdod with full mobility, they will travel to any part of the city to open doors. It does not matter the time or the area of ​​the municipality of Ashdod in which your closed door is located. Our professional will have no limits.
We do not charge displacement . Our locksmiths in Ashdod will give you a telephone estimate to open the door, without any commitment and without surprises.
To open locksets will not be a problem for our locksmiths who will come with all kinds of tools to solve your problem. It does not matter if you have lost your key, if the lock has been broken or the key has been broken inside, our locksmith will use opening techniques without damage , he will also be able to repair the lock or place a new one. Our locksmith will appear urgently at any location in Ashdod, 24 hours a day, to open any type of lock.

24 hour locksmith

Our locksmiths will be available 24 hours a day to solve your problem. The 24-hour locksmith service will be quoted by telephone like the rest of the services, without any commitment and without surprises. No matter where in Ashdod your door or lock is located, the locksmith will go to the place that is needed.
As in all our jobs, in the 24-hour locksmith service, openings will be made without damage and locks can be placed or repairs made.

door opening

If you are looking for a way to open a door you have come to the right place, our locksmiths will travel anywhere in Ashdod to do it for you. The service to open the door will be quoted by phone without any commitment so that you do not get any surprises. Our locksmith will use the latest techniques to open the door without any damage and will be able to repair or place a new lock.:

Locksmith at home


All our services can be combined with the home locksmith service . Our locksmiths will travel anywhere in Ashdod to reach your home. You can also combine it with the 24-hour service and we will send a locksmith to your home at any time or day of the week.
Our home locksmith will carry all kinds of tools to avoid damage when opening the door, if you wish, he can also repair the old lock or place a new one.

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